A leading precision surgical instrument manufacturer chose New Jersey Precision Technologies, Inc. for the fabrication of this orthopedic surgical cutting block. Designed for use in knee replacement operations, the cutting block dramatically improves the surgical process by providing a customizable template for each patient. The cutting block with guide slots accommodates an oscillating saw and allows the surgeon to set the precise location, depth, and angle for the required cuts. This eliminates the need to drill into the bone and insert a metal rod to guide the saw blade. The result is a better fitting, smoother functioning, longer lasting joint.

We manufactured 25 cutting blocks in six different sizes utilizing our high precision electrical discharge machining (EDM) and CNC machining capabilities. EDM has several advantages over traditional machining techniques, including the ability to cut hardened metals, hold tight tolerances and machine intricate features with no direct contact between the wire or electrode and the workpiece.

New Jersey Precision Technologies used wire EDM, sinker EDM and hole pop EDM as well as traditional CNC milling to manufacture the cutting blocks, meeting tolerances of ±0.0005” and ±0.25° on some features. Our customer’s specifications also called for a surface finish of 28 RMS for the slot interiors and brushed satin finish for the exterior of the part.

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Surgical Cutting Block

Product Description

Orthopedic cutting blocks with guide slots dramatically improve knee replacement surgeries by providing a customizable template for each patient, accommodating the oscillating saw and allowing the surgeon to set the precise location, depth and angle for required cuts. They eliminate the need to drill into the bone and insert a metal rod in order to guide the saw blade, and the result is a smooth-functioning, better-fitting, and longer-lasting joint.

Capabilities Applied

High precision EDM with multiple passes in order to achieve an excellent surface finish, including CNC wire EDM, CNC conventional/sinker EDM, and CNC small hole (hole pop) EDM as well as CNC milling

Equipment used

CNC wire EDM, conventional/sinker EDM, small hole (hole pop) and milling machines

Overall Part Dimensions

Width: 1.66″
Height: 0.65″
Length: 2.700″


±0.25 degrees

Material Used

17-4PH (H900) Stainless Steel

Material Finish

Exterior Finish: Brushed Satin
Slot Interiors: 28 RMS

Quality Control

Programmable CMM inspection of all features

Industry for Use

Medical: orthopaedic surgery


25 pieces in six different sizes (XS-XXL)


Four weeks